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7F Words® For Living a Balanced Life

License To Say No – Today is the perfect day to declare your freedom.  Take action.  Ruthlessly prioritize your time.  Give yourself license to say no, without guilt, to the things that don’t fit your plan.

Wheel Of Balance – What keeps you up at night and how do you “fix” it?  Use this chart to help you see the areas that need some attention.  Then you can begin your plan for change. Discover what’s lacking and do something to change the results!

Weekly Score Sheet – Keeping score is a great motivator. What baseball player does not know the score?  What business owner does not know their net income?  What are the benchmarks in your life that will let you know you are making progess?  Use the Weekly Score Sheet to measure your success!

Significant 7 Worksheet – List your Significant 7 in the first column. List your activities in the second column. Then draw a line from your 7 to the activities they participate in. See if the activities/time you spend on your daily activities support the people who are most important in your life. Or are you spending time doing the things that really don’t matter? Time to find out!

Daily Oath Template – When you start your day what are you going to do that day to make your life better?  It might be to help someone else in the pursuit of happiness.  What is the most important thing for you to Focus on?  Freedom to do what?  Create your own 7F Words TM Daily Oath!

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