Make Every Day a 7!

Who said 10 was the perfect number?  I think 7 is the perfect number.   We all get the same 24 hours in a day, however the way we spend our time is critical if we want to achieve a balance that promotes health and happiness.  So with that in mind I’d like to suggest you keep track of your activities for a week.  Every day write down what you do that will promote the 7F Words™ for living a balanced life.

Monday – FAITH: Today I said a prayer of gratitude before I got out of bed so I could set the tone for my day.  FOCUS: I focused on my project calendar for the next six months so that I can prioritize my time.   FITNESS: I walked 30 minutes on the treadmill while I listened to my favorite music so that I could improve my mental and physical well being.  FREEDOM: I used my freedom to say no to yet another project that I did not want to do.   FINANCES: I paid my bills today even though it is a little early so that I can keep my credit scores in good standing.  FAMILY: At the end of the day I had dinner with my family so we could reconnect and share our day.  FUN: And finally I curled up in a chair by the fire so I could read, my favorite thing to do for fun.

Yeah, I get a perfect 7 for the day!  Give it a try.  See if you can do one little thing every day to fulfill one the the 7F Words™.

If you’d like a little help getting started, CLICK HERE for a Seven Day 7F Words™ Planner.  Put it somewhere convenient, next to your desk, on the fridge, where ever.  Then try to fill a block each day for FOCUS, FAITH, FREEDOM, FAMILY, FINANCES, FITNESS and FUN.

Barbara Agerton