Raving Fans

What People Are Saying About The 7 F Words®

“This book is ‘fantastic’…It sucked me in right away… I wanted to read more and learn more about how I too can manage my time better and have more fun in life… It has inspired me to set new goals and to get my business and life on track.  I believe that often times we get into a ‘rut’ and allow ourselves to just go day- to-day.  We are not unhappy, but we just don’t have the ‘it’ factor.  With all the 7F Words® put in to practice it helps us to become the better ‘me’… “ ̶ Bonnie Adams, Diversified Distributors

 “What a wonderful guide to the fundamentals of life’s journey with a focus on balance.  It provides a lifelong road map for action, encouragement and staying on track.  An easy read that will continue as a reference for years to come.  Enjoy reading and putting into action. A masterpiece by Barbara, Deborah and Catherine!” –Sue Flaig, Past National President, Women’s Council of Realtors

“Cathy has been my ‘Sister’ of choice for more than twenty years.  She and Barbara and Deborah have done a masterful job of showing us how to simplify and integrate the seven distinct elements of our day-to-day existence into living a balanced life.  A ‘must-read’ for anyone seeking that sweet equilibrium.” ̶  Donna Greenspan-Solomon, Esq., Solomon Appeals, Mediation & Arbitration

 “I consider this book a must-have for anyone wanting to live a happier more fulfilled life.  What are the dreams you hold for yourself?  This book is a beautiful instruction guide to achieve a life of freedom and happiness.  I have read many books promising joy in my life, yet I have read none as simple and practical as The 7 F Words®.” ̶ Sharon Loyd,Aviation Source

7F Words® so simple- yet so brilliant. We recognize these words individually each day; yet together they bring an inspiring and powerful message. These authentic and heartfelt stories will gently challenge the reader into action. This book is a compass to living the life God intended for each of us. Well done Ladies, I look forward to passing it along!” ̶  Holly Robillard, Entrepreneur, Network Marketer

“… Please, read the book. It’s not long or complicated… I truly believe that anyone who does so and starts to make and check off their own list, will soon find that The 7FWords® is a very effective way to maintain balance and harmony with your own life. It challenges you by making sure you challenge yourself…̶ Brian Rothschild, GraphicFXOnline

“It’s an easy remember-and-do concept for happiness and success that is simple and basic and basically brilliant.” ̶ Julia Sansevere, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

 “Where we are today in each area of our lives is truly our ‘minimum standard’. To grow and enrich our lives, planning needs to be done to push ourselves to where we want to be; to reach our goals. The 7F Words® has been superbly written to advance you on your journey. Congratulations Barbara, Deborah & Cathy for writing a must read handbook!” ̶ Angela Territo,  Training & Coaching, LLC.