Can You See The Future?

Find Out With A Little Help From Certified Sisters™

www.7FWords.comAre you satisfied with the life you are living?

Are you optimistic about your future?

Are you comfortable with your financial situation?

Are you in a loving relationship that your heart desires?

Are you feeling physically and mentally healthy?


If your answer to any of these questions is “No” then let Certified Sisters™, Inc. prepare a Vision Statement for you so that you can see your future clearly and focus on a plan to make it happen.

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One of the most powerful and poignant exercises Deborah and I do in our practice as Professional Coaches is to create a vision statement for our clients. The vision statement allows us to provide the client with a clear picture of what their life could look like in some specifically defined time in the future. We create the vision statement after asking pertinent questions and listening to what the client tells us is their dream for the future.

We read the vision statement to the client when they are in a relaxed state and can focus on the vision without distraction.

Below is the statement I wrote for Deborah.

“Deborah, close your eyes for a few moments and relax.  Take a deep breath and then gently exhale, sending a wave of relaxation from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. A sense of peace and warmth encompasses your entire being. You are totally without stress and worry.

As you open your eyes it is a beautiful, clear and sunny South Florida morning. You are sitting on the back patio of your new ocean front home in Boca Raton. Tropical flowers and plants surround you. The smell of the ocean wafts in on a light breeze and you can hear the sounds of the surf and the cries of the seagulls above.

You feel completely energized as you have just finished the morning strength training workout that your personal trainer designed just for you. You are at your optimal weight and are proud of the fact that you have achieved much improved health through exercise and healthy eating. As a matter of fact, your loving husband, Michael has just brought you a sumptuous breakfast of healthy oatmeal with fresh fruit that he grew in the garden along with a cup of fragrant herbal tea.

As you sip your tea you marvel at the grace that God has bestowed on you. You have achieved your highest career goals and can now live humbly, without financial concerns on only ten percent of your income while you give the remaining ninety percent to charities and organizations that bring peace and love to the world. You are truly going to leave an important legacy. You have given God the glory in all that you accomplished. You are able to spend meaningful time in attending and leading bible study and prayer groups.

As you take in all the magnificent sights and sounds around you, you reminisce on the family reunion you and Michael attended last month in Kentucky. Michael Anthony, Marissa and Michele were all there with their significant others. It was such a gift that all seven of your brothers and sisters were able to make it along with many of their family members. You pick up and reread the beautiful card signed by all three children expressing their gratitude for the fun vacation that you treated them to. They are now each successful in their own right and you reflect on how proud you are of the young adults they turned out to be.

Just now the phone rings and it is a call from, Adam, your top producer at Elite Florida Real Estate. Just four years ago he started as your intern, right out of college with a marketing degree. You took him under your wing and mentored him in all the important aspects of real estate. He is now earning a six figure income and calls you his “Boss Lady/Guardian Angel”. He and his wife recently had a baby girl and named her Deborah after you.

No sooner do you hang up with Adam that you get a call from Cathy, one of your co-authors of The F Words™ for Living a Balanced Life and co-founder of Certified Sisters, Inc.  Cathy is calling to tell you that she picked up the tickets for the gala event that you will be attending this evening. At the event, you, Cathy and your sister and third co-author, Barbara, will be receiving a humanitarian award for your work in helping other women to lead balanced and productive lives.

Before you leave your patio for a walk on the beach you take a minute to thank the Lord for the peace and contentment you now enjoy. You are not only debt free, but you are able to give back in a very significant way. You have accomplished your goal of leaving a legacy, your children are flourishing and the two businesses you have built are making money for you while you sleep. Life is GOOD.”

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